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The Beatrix Potter blog was created as a tribute to Beatrix Potter and her books. Many people experienced this magical world as children and still have very fond memories of Peter Rabbit – the 23 original stories and the 4 that remained unpublished.

Any children’s library or bookshelf in their bedroom is not complete without an assortment of Beatrix Potter books. With their wonderful short stories of animals interacting with the human world, rising up and walking on two legs while wearing clothing similar to everyday people, they are an excellent choice for parents to read to their children as bedtime stories or anytime of the day. The illustrations are rich with color and perspective, almost telling the reader a story within the image itself, without having to read the text that accompanies it on the page below.

Beatrix began writing her stories while watching her pets and animals around her, creating fictitious adventures for the animals to get into while maintaining animalistic personalities to go along with them. The Tale of Peter Rabbit follows a mischievous young rabbit as he disobeys his mother’s orders and ventures into Mr. McGregor’s garden. His rabbit-like personality traits are described within the book as well as the illustrations, providing a realistic adventure that readers can picture in their minds as almost being true and possible in real life.

In The Tale of Pigling Bland, another of the very popular Beatrix Potter books, Pigling and his brother Alexander are on an adventure to the market to buy food for all the hungry piglets. They are dressed in coats and shirts and walk with walking sticks down the road to the market and get lost in the woods. She depicts how the animals interact with humans by having Piglings brother be taken away by the police after he gets into trouble and loses his papers.

Within the illustrations, she is able to present a depth similar to photographs where the far away background is distant and blurry and out of focus. The colors she puts into the foreground are much richer and full of detail while the far away rolling hills and mountains are more dull, blurry, and devoid of rich colors, giving the reader the impression that the background is indeed far away, adding depth to the image.

All of the Beatrix Potter books are set around animals that walk on two legs and wear human clothing, all while retaining their animalistic personalities. They also have occasion to interact with humans in every day settings, leaving the reader with a mysterious feeling that perhaps their pets and the animals they see around them every day might have secret lives where they may wear clothing and get into similar adventures.

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